The Dora Factory quadratic funding grant round-1 has closed on 31st Aug 2021. 8 projects from the grant have received 4885.7 DORA (~51,000 USD) of funding at the time of closing. The top five projects funded by the grant are DAOrayaki, LA DAO, EntangledQuery, Alexandria — Decentralized University, and Ethsign.

Here is a list of all projects:

DAOrayaki — created a decentralized media that is powered by a DAO and a network of contributors

LA DAO — an event DAO, building strong community for developers, hackers and blockchain enthusiasts via curated events and conferences.

EntangledQuery — a knowledge sharing platform…

Goda Takeshi

To pour forth benefits for the common good is divine. — Benjamin Franklin

Common Goods and Funding Schemes

Since the early stage of civilization, people have been innovating for common goods. The common goods we now take for granted were mostly ingenious inventions of its time — city parks, libraries, dams, universities, hospitals, the Web, and recently, a large number of open source software.

Funding common goods has always been a challenge. In the old days, common goods have been mostly funded by states and wealthy private citizens. Over the past century, non-profit organizations became popular. In the past decade, the open source…

According to the Dora Factory Whitepaper, 15% of the initial DORA total supply is reserved for the Open Grant Program. The Open Grant Program supports developers and teams around the world to help build the Dora Factory infrastructure and ecosystem. We are accepting individuals and teams with strong passion and capability to research and build. The Open Grant supports projects that fall into the following categories:

  1. Dora Factory Infrastructure: Dora Factory is building a Substrate-based DAO infrastructure. …

We are glad to update that Dora Factory has completed the second milestone of our Open Grant at Web3 Foundation — we successfully built MolochDAO v2 pallet on Substrate. The new open source pallet can be used by any Substrate chain, parachain, or a relaychain to implement MolochDAO v2 for grant DAO or venture DAO purposes.

This is the second Open Grant Dora Factory has received. The first open grant helped us implement a Substrate Quadratic Funding Grant pallet and integrated it with HackerLink, a major open source funding platform created by DoraHacks team. Under the second open grant, we implemented MolochDAO v1 and MolochDAO v2 on Substrate.

The two pallets will become two building blocks of the Dora Factory DAO-as-a-Service insfrastructure.

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Today, sadly ChainSwap was cracked again by a black-hat hacker. This time, DORA tokens on ChainSwap bridges were affected. 7872 DORA tokens were stolen from the ChainSwap bridge smart contract and they were immediately sold on Uniswap.

ChainSwap team has contacted us and briefed the situation. They are actively tracking the hacker’s address and promised to work with us to deliver a solution to cover the loss of Dora Factory foundation and our community as soon as they can.

Comparing to the current FDV market cap of Dora Factory, the loss of DORA on ChainSwap bridge attack is not significant…

As the next step towards decentralizing the DORA token and building the DORA Factory infrastructure, we are launching the very first community quadratic funding grant, Dora Factory Community QF Grant (aka. the DAO Hack).

The goal of this community grant round is to incentivize and reward developers building Dora Factory and HackerLink infrastructure from the DoraHacks community and beyond. 7% of DORA tokens are reserved for future community grants to help achieve this goal.

You can build anything that will help improve DAO governance. In particular, we would love to see BUIDLs in the following fields:

● Toolkits or side…

Eric Zhang, Architect of Dora Factory

After several months of research and engineering, we are ready to release Quadratic Funding V2 today.

HackerLink is the first product that implemented on-chain quadratic voting and funding and made it scalable. Over the past year, most of major ecosystems have been hosting quadratic funding grants on HackerLink, and millions of dollars in crypto have been distributed to nearly 1,000 projects created by thousands of developers from all over the world.

Now we have three QF infrastructures.

  1. QF Grant in solidity works for all EVM-compatible chains
  2. QF Pallet on Substrate, available to deploy on…

DoraID has been deployed on Ethereum and BSC, providing decentralized identity services for the Dora Factory’s ecosystem. It is an auxiliary infrastructure of the Dora Factory ecosystem.

DoraID allows users to stake DORA with customized amount and time to obtain decentralized identity. It is important to have decentralized identity services for anti-sybil, anti-collusion, and anti-fraud purposes in on-chain governance products. Holders of DORA tokens can stake DoraID. Developers to use DoraID to build products and services that require identity.

With DoraID, we can now make HackerLink quadratic funding grants more sybil-resistant, and add identity service to PentaLaunch auctions. …

Eric Zhang, Felix Cai, @DoraFactory

Quadratic funding has been widely adopted by many ecosystems — Ethereum, Filecoin, BSC, Solana, HECO, Flow, etc. So far, it has been proven to be effective to fund open source developer projects and public goods in general.

Quadratic funding is allowing people to vote by donation while reducing the impact of whales. In the recent DoraHacks Austin Web3 Hackathon, quadratic funding is doing very well to limit the influence of one-time large donations (

So far, major quadratic funding grant platforms (such as HackerLink, Gitcoin, …

SIL Auction Subscription Guide

Basic Auction Information

  • Auction Token: $SIL
  • Auction Quantity: 40 $SIL
  • Price range: $1000-$1500
  • Single address limit: 0.4$SIL
  • Opening Time: 17/06/2021 04:00 UTC
  • Close Time:17/06/2021 10:00 UTC
  • Time to claim: 17/06/2021 11:59 pm UTC
  • Auction Platform: PentaLaunch
  • Auction Payment: USDC
  • Auction Curve: y = 3 * (x + 104) ^ 2 / 50 + 350


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