Dora Factory KSM Parachain Token Migration Guide

2 min readApr 2, 2023


As of April 17th 2023 UTC+0, the Dora Factory Kusama Parachain’s lease will expire. After that, the parachain will not continue to produce blocks.

In order to provide better liquidity to the DORA-KSM token holders, we will migrate all $DORA holders on the KSM parachain to Ethereum Mainnet. The migration will also allow the DORA-KSM holders to participate in a wide range of Dora Factory and DoraHacks utilities, including vcDORA governance, BUIDL Donation, BUIDLink subscription (coming soon), BUIDL curation, and public good staking activities.

All DORA-KSM holders will have 14 days to register Ethereum addresses via the Dora Factory KSM Parachain’s Core Pallet. After connecting wallet address, an ETH address registration module will display:

Now input your Ethereum address and click Register. You will be asked to provide a signature so that the module can verify your ownership of the address. Once completed, your ETH address will be successfully registered.

A $DORA token claim smart contract will be deployed shortly after the Dora Factory KSM Parachain’s lease expires, and a UI will be available for you to claim your DORA tokens on a 1:1 basis. Please follow Dora Factory’s Twitter account for updates.

We would like to thank you all who supported Dora Factory during the KSM parachain auction last year. Although we do not plan for another parachain auction, we remain optimistic about the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems and will actively explore more fruitful partnership in the future.