Dora Factory is validating the Cosmos Hub in partnership with Cypher Capital

4 min readApr 20, 2023


Dora Factory, a crucial infrastructure provider is excited to announce that it is now supporting Cosmos Hub as a validator. The validator is now live and can be found here.

Dora Factory has been actively contributing to the Cosmos Ecosystem, and currently runs validator nodes for Evmos, Injective, Noble, and Cronos, with plans to support many more protocols in the near future.

We are able to run this node thanks to a partnership with Cypher Capital. Cypher Capital shares in Dora Factory’s vision of everlasting funding for developers, and is a major resource for appchain founders. Dora Factory and Cypher Capital plan to collaborate closely on supporting appchain developers, especially within the Cosmos ecosystem, where this thesis is currently playing out in real time. Cypher Capital will work closely with Dora Factory on public goods funding, Cosmos ecosystem hackathons, and grant programs, to help onboard the next generation of developers to the interchain community.

“We’re excited to finally join the Cosmos Hub validator family after validating many capable Cosmos ecosystem blockchains including Injective, Evmos, Cronos and more. We’d like to specially thank Cypher Capital for their dedicated support for Dora community. Together we look forward to contributing more to the Cosmos ecosystem and the Appchain world in the near future.” Said Steve Ngok, Oracle of Dora Factory.

Bill Qian, Chairman of Cypher Capital said: “Our partnership with Dora Factory and our support of the validation of the Cosmos Hub is a testament to our commitment to supporting appchain developers and contributing to the growth of the Cosmos community. Cosmos’ innovation in enabling interoperability and vertical integration between the application and settlement layers is critical for the evolving appchain thesis. We are incredibly proud to support this constantly evolving and innovating project and we are excited to see what the future brings.”

Cosmos is one of the fastest growing ecosystems in Web3, differentiating itself with out-of-the box interoperability and open-source sdk packages that developers can leverage to add new chains to the decentralized “internet of blockchains”. This allows developers to create their own sovereign “zones” of security and enables stronger vertical integration between the application layer and settlement layer for new developers. Cosmos developers can customize their infrastructure to best suit their applications needs, while having the benefit of a battle-tested starting point, which is the Cosmos SDK. We believe this is a critical innovation within crypto infrastructure, especially as the appchain thesis continues to grow legs and evolve. Since all Cosmos chains share the same root architecture, Dora Factory has prioritized Cosmos this year and is committed to expanding validator support to all networks within the ecosystem.

But what are the benefits of validating a network like Cosmos?

Validators are essential to the security and decentralization of blockchain networks. By validating transactions and blocks, validators help to ensure the integrity of the network and prevent malicious actors from taking control. Validators are also responsible for maintaining network performance and uptime, which is critical for ensuring a smooth user experience.

For individuals or institutions looking to participate in the validation process, there are several benefits to doing so including being able to have a say in network governance, which allows them to vote on proposals and changes to the network.

By becoming a validator on the Cosmos network, Dora Factory is not only contributing to the security and stability of the network, but also helping support developers and the community through public good staking with the rewards and governance opportunities that come with validation. The company’s commitment to providing better support for developers and its long-term goal of becoming a public good validator for the whole Cosmos ecosystem is a positive development for the platform.

If you are interested in helping validate Cosmos, delegating to Dora Factory node will earn you a share of the block rewards!

Additionally, if you are an institution interested in partnering with Dora Factory, please email or to learn more about how we can work together!

Dora Factory’s support for the Cosmos ecosystem is a positive development for the platform and the blockchain industry as a whole. Validators play a crucial role in ensuring the security and decentralization of blockchain networks, and by supporting Cosmos Hub, Dora Factory is helping to drive the growth and adoption of this innovative technology. So if you’re a Cosmos developer or interested in becoming a validator, consider delegating to Dora Factory’s node to earn your share of the rewards and support the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem.

About Dora Factory

Dora Factory is a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure across multiple chains. With a strong focus on security, transparency, and decentralization, Dora Factory is dedicated to supporting ecosystems through public goods staking and driving innovation in the DeFi space through the development of infrastructure toolings and initiatives.

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About Cypher Capital

Cypher Capital is a leading multi-strategy crypto investment firm based in the UAE, covering venture capital, public markets, nodes, mining, etc. Working alongside globally acclaimed Web 3.0 founders, not limited to only financial capital investment, it also leverages global relationships and industry expertise to ensure long-term success.

Cypher Capital invests in companies building their businesses at the blockchain protocol & infrastructure level. This could include exchanges and asset transfer protocols, stable coins, smart contract platforms, digital currencies and utility tokens for high growth industries. By seeking legal advice from the best legal parties, it creates a tailor-made legal framework that is fully compliant with current regulations.

Cypher Capital offers efficient and complete market access in the Middle East and Africa region and builds ground partnerships with start-ups and helps them establish relationships with other influential companies in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and India. It supports start-ups that intend to expand in these regions in terms of headcount and infrastructure.