$DORA Airdorp For Dora Factory Grant-2 (DAO Hack) Voters!

The latest Dora Factory community Grant (aka DAO HACK-2) has officially ended on the DoraHacks developer incentive platform HackerLink (for a recap of this event, please find more details here.

We are pleased to announce that in this latest Grant event, users who staked $DORA to vote on the DoraID platform will receive 10 $DORA airdrop rewards. The list of winning users to receive airdrop awards this are as follows:

1. 0x001Bf5f51453E74aa44dE9eE47F9deB6E896Ca29
2. 0x26dd812AF054F3f366C3474686C75792Dc857e46
3. 0x3409410C3Cdd014FF1323a5F42512EDf811Ce69F
4. 0x395C0Ee1352A0221fD895f35aC64502D8d15B86b
5. 0x40393bfa904dD3BafDF909650d079Be1DA820728
6. 0x48784dF7235fCb37cb8d1CAe2A93a9e7A2B4b36E
7. 0x4a2e38f642357691C392E968d7F6171D911De73C
8. 0x4E19587688FaE3F38032B0c5222c37BBBC3c0791
9. 0x637b9DfC69C9F0593f25E9Af3998A41cb25C7D0b
10. 0x68604Ccdd62A4Aa55562775463664cEbdc70Abd7
11. 0x78239Ec4bBCaf24e4C8BA494c6CE7C4E922a0Aa8
12. 0x7904df7c21f8b919c5e4885b8b17b559afb60036
13. 0x7DEbf77c93756a0F5d4FCFB653d20cA25020b3aF
14. 0x83b695e3DB21167C2a72ABA466d50d41A7fc3819
15. 0x85f413Afc85257A7bec54a6Ab25591eF038a22b9
16. 0x8C2909f0Cdb0cf5EB9b32c16C6Df970c7053ABBF
17. 0xA50f56eADc071C9C348eCD6D641c2d3e036BF24F
18. 0xAB206fb4B72009C5c7e78c2a91b0B8E63fB73e34
19. 0xAe15a8f0DB29c6C7a840aBc445ABE3CD3B0af472
20. 0xb2b9300475aF157676C44eE64d39a5eB3C294DbD
21. 0xb86c267D0b02a961Caf3a6b530f3e1542612A6F2
22. 0xc2B66053C5871c4512C7733BaC07520AcC694e8F
23. 0xcF5c143f437F12f20cC48Bf75c8C0E301fec188b
24. 0xd1df3e0e11042a2faa80560741a6cf7c14b0f36b
25. 0xd4246f5ca400fc88c1cd8464bf3931c13c588265
26. 0xe598fE9d25849De0a3278200852f81F9CCa85be3
27. 0xEc5EEC467DC31C658445542b15757376E9D4E559
28. 0xF7fc47D7de31E58a8C57847fA8dF98D830C298CF
29. 0xF8EA18f8Fa1D7A765e5430F0F62419A0375c92f2
30. 0xfbc2650e9655ccb4468d8d27c557731a67cb347a

Congratulations to all the voters! Additionally, we welcome everyone to continue follow upcoming voting reward activities in Dora Factory’s Community Grant events and on DoraID.




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