Recap of Dora Factory Community Grant Round-2 and Introducing the Finalists!

5 min readDec 18, 2021


To accelerate the DAO movement and strengthen its ecosystem, Dora Factory embarked its second round of Community Grant back in October, running 2 months dedicated to DAO’s diversity and sustainability. Funded 8,000 DORA into the prize pool to financially support early projects and incentivize continuous development. An additional 300 DORA was also awarded to the voters as an appreciation for supporting and participating in the betterment of the DAO ecosystem and the Dora Factory infrastructure.

Witnessing the curtain call of the Grant, 11 DAO BUDILs entered the final voting round and received over 450+ community votes rapidly within two weeks. The participated DAO projects which encompasses a diverse range of aspects, including decentralized media, decentralized social networking / content creation, Substrate multisig wallet, Moloch DAO fund, research DAO, dGov modeling tool, hackathon DAO, crowdfunding, art, and developer community. Thanks to their presence in the Grant, we are pleased to observe the forefront of the evolving DAO ecosystem.

Amid the voting period, Dora Factory leveled up the engagement beyond community contributions. A project demo workshop was live-streamed and 6 from the finalist projects showcased their core-vision and infrastructure concepts for educational meaning, inspiring the community to actively involve and learn about the significance of DAO movement. You can check out the recording at

This is also the first real Substrate-native quadratic funding round that uses the Substrate QF pallet deployed on Dora Factory’s testnet[0].

By the end of a review of the round (a pallet bug was found and fortunately voting results were corrected by analyzing on-chain data), project ranking and votes received were corrected accordingly. Below, you shall meet the winners of the Dora Factory Community Grant Round 2.

#BUIDL the next level on-chain governance applications for the next MEGA Bull

Introducing the Finalists!

#1 DAOrayaki

DAOrayaki is a fully functional decentralized research media that represents the community’s will and is controlled by the community. It is initiated by the core community members of DAOONE, which is China’s first DAO organization. It receives support from the DAO’s infrastructure provider “Dora Factory”.

#2 Tokenized Impact Bonds

Create an inclusive and sustainable model that enables journalists, newsrooms, governments, philanthropies, NGOs, brands, advertising agencies, civic activists, researchers, and universities to achieve their collective goals. There is a need to record the historical reputation of stakeholders for building a trust-based ecosystem where good actors are rewarded, and bad actors are penalized. A 2019 Gallop poll found that Americans’ trust in media has steadily declined by 14% over the last 20 years to only 41% . Consistency, reliability, and diligence in tracking outcomes can help new entrants build and leverage their reputation to empower their careers or grow their organisations.

#3 Substrate Multisig

Multisig is the most used DAO infrastructure so far. In the Ethereum ecosystem, multisig wallets are hosting major DAOs (such as venture DAOs & grant DAOs). This project implements a multisig pallet and a minimum viable functioning multisig product on a Substrate. The goal of this project is to eventually launch a multisig product that is integrated with Dora Factory’s testnets and parachain.

#4 HackathonDAO

HackathonDAO is a decentralized organization to support hackathons on meaningful technical problems and innovations. Through funding Hackathons, we want to gather a group of enthusiastic hackers with great technical skills and vision and further boost the open-source community and innovations, where

* Hackers themselves can propose and decide what are the real problems to solve.

* Hackers can connect with and inspire each other.

* Valuable contributions will be supported financially and operationally.

#5 SnapFingers DAO

Evolving from one of the most active Chinese communities, SnapFingers DAO has integrated various resources from its three independently functional divisions: research team, community, and game guild. The ambition is to maximize impact over the entire blockchain industry through outputs of research and communication.

#6 DF Ecosystem Moloch DAO

DF Ecosystem Moloch DAO aims to support early stage DAOs in the Dora Factory ecosystem to help Dora build the everlasting hacker movement.

#7 EntangledQuery

EntangledQuery is a global technical knowledge sharing platform for quantum developers. We devote to empower quantum developers with quantum community knowledge and make quantum computing more accessible. We speak quantum. We provide quantum native tools to enable smooth communication of complex quantum ideas. Together as a quantum community, we are changing the world!

#8 SeeDAO

We will hold a series of creation competitions focusing on fiction, comics, music and so on. Based on these competitions, we will develop our voting tools with NFTs. We redesign our account system and voting mechanism to give access to more traditional web users and introduce more creators into web3

#9 Aletheia

Aletheia is an effective tool for solving problems related to mechanism modeling, experimentation and decision-making in the decentralized governance system. The basic idea of Aletheia is to construct an artificial governance system by formally describing the static and dynamic characteristics of the decentralized governance system, and to interact with the actual governance system and closed-loop feedback.

#10 ShowMe

ShowMe is an NFT subscription social network based on Web3.0. The core function modules are subscription and PONA (Proof of NFT Achievements, NFT Achievements). Subscriptions allow creators to flexibly set a variety of subscription methods in order for a user to enter the Club this includs free, paid, the holding of NFTs and Token subscription.

#11 Viva la Vida

Viva la Vida is a non-profit organization with volunteer communities in 50+ countries where people share their purpose of life through art, enhancing interpersonal and intercultural understanding. VIVA has held activities and campaigns in various countries. It has become an influential cross-cultural nonprofit brand recognized by multiple international organizations, including the United Nations, APEC, and G20. VIVA owns the biggest database of life drawings all over the world. With advanced technologies such as VR and AR, and interactive exhibition methods, VIVA aims to raise public awareness on important social issues. Meanwhile, VIVA incorporates professional art therapy frameworks into art workshops to improve mental health of marginalized children, including children with autism and orphans.

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