WeStarter x PentaLaunch Auction Subscription Guide

1. Basic Auction Information

Auction Token:$WAR

Auction Quantity: 120,000 $WAR

Start Price: 0.25 U

Curve Highest Price: 0.25 U

Opening Time:04/29/2021 20:00 SGT

Time to claim:04/30/2021 21:00 SGT

Auction Platform:PentaLaunch

Maximum Purchase Limit: 400 $WAR each address

Auction Payment: USDC

Auction Curve: Y=0.25 U

2. Important Note:

1. Please cautiously measure the risks of token purchase before your participation.

2. We recommend you to set gasLimit to 300,000 if the transaction fee is too high.

3. Please note that USDC requires approval before payment can be made, which cost ETH as transaction fees.

4. As PentaLaunch is an open platform for token auctions, please take precautions to guard against fraud.

3. Operation Guide

Click https://curve.auction/#/ to open the website in Google Chrome.

Install the MetaMask wallet plugin (https://metamask.io/). Skip this step if you have already installed the MetaMask wallet plugin.

Confirm that the MetaMask configuration is set on the Ethereum network

A note below will pop up if the Ethereum network wasn’t connected:

USDC is the capital used to pay the auction of $WAR. Each wallet address is only allowed to purchase up to 0.5 $WAR, which may cost about 1,000 to 2,500 USDC;

ETH is used to pay the transaction fees (GAS) to ensure the success of auction payments. Please prepare at least 0.2 ETH.

USDC and ETH can be purchased in centralized exchanges such as Huobi Global, Binance, and OKEX. After purchase your USDC can then be transferred to your MateMask wallet.

Click https://curve.auction/#/to participate in the auction. Choose the $WAR auction and subscribe to the token.

During the auction the token displayed will be b$WAR. Upon conclusion of the auction b$WAR can be redeemed into $WAR. (The screen shot below is for reference only as the auction hasn’t opened yet)

Please click JOIN to enter the auction interface.

  1. Confirm the purchase quantity (Maximum Limit: 400 $WAR)

2. Click BUY.

3. Confirm the risk tip.

4. Approve the curve contract to use your USDC token before the first purchase.

5. Authorized your transaction in MetaMask.

6. You can buy $WAR after authorization is complete.

We recommend you to set gasLimit to 300,000 if the transaction fee is too high.

7. When the purchase is completed, the $WAR you bought will be displayed on the page. The Bonding Curve Token shows the tokens you bought at auction.

After the auction has finished (04/30/2021 21:00 SGT), you can open the auction page, and click REDEEM to redeem your tokens to your wallet.


WeStarter is a cross-chain token initial swap platform which based on HECO network. Through the fluency of the product and sufficient industry resources, it carries the requirement of funds and resources for a variety of asset types. With the role of gatekeeper, through the decentralized incentive and governance mechanism of tokens, to achieve the goal of selecting high-quality assets.

WeStarter Social Media:

WeStarter website:westarter.org

WeStarter twitter:https://twitter.com/westarter_org

WeStarter telegram:

Telegram Chinese community:https://t.me/westarter_chinese

Telegram English community:https://t.me/westarter_official

Telegram announcement channel:https://t.me/westarter_announcement

Telegram Vietnamese community:t.me/WeStarterVN

Telegram Japanese community:t.me/WeStarterjapanese


PentaLaunch is a bonding curve auction tool that allows open source projects and decentralized organizations to conduct token auction with customized curves. The platform was acquired by Dora Factory in late March.

PentaLaunch Social Media:

Tele: https://t.me/pentalaunch

For more source projects Token auctions, please follow DoraFactory

🛎 Follow us on Twitter |Telegram|



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