Updates on $WAR PentaLaunch Auction

The First Forged Bonding Curve

The first forged $WAR bonding curve lasted 24 hours. Most of the users who bought on the first bonding curve sold their tokens on the curve later and took back their USDC. An analysis of the first curve can be found in our previous announcement: https://dorafactory.medium.com/follow-up-announcement-on-pentalaunch-auction-acc87c8a336a

The Second Forged Bonding Curve

The second forged $WAR bonding curve only lasted 7 minutes. The address of the curve can be found here: https://curve.auction/#/e/0x682e8c49446eedce17a1a44c3eb76e2e20eaabc6

Evaluation and Payments

A few hours after the first bonding curve was closed, the PentaLaunch team executed a script and obtained a list of addresses and their PnLs from both bonding curves. Here is how the PnL of an address is calculated:



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