The Decentralized Autonomous Research and Media Organization, DAOrayaki, has deployed the Funders DAO on infrastructures developed by Dora Factory.

DAOrayaki, a decentralized autonomous research and media organization uses the infrastructures provided by Dora Factory to deploy its own Funder’s DAO named “DAOrayaki DAO ‘’ on the BSC mainnet. This is a Moloch-based DAO for members to facilitate decentralized fund management, process new member applications, submit proposals, Rage Quit, fund contents, etc.

In addition, DAOrayaki will use this Funder’s DAO to coordinate sponsors and research content contributors. So far, dozens of contributors have conducted research within the DAOrayaki community covering the topics of decentralized governance mechanisms, the economic theory of on-chain governance, the development of DAO’s infrastructures and the latest blockchain projects that govern using DAOs.

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