PentaLaunch Frontend Upgrade and Launching Rule Update

2 min readMay 7, 2021

by PentaLaunch Team

PentaLaunch has completed a frontend update. The updated frontend can tag curves based on the following rules:

1. Curves created will show on the frontend without permission of any party, including PentaLaunch itself. By default, a curve has no tags. Because the curve can be created by any individual or organization, please read all risk statements and warnings before you proceed, and double-check the token’s smart contract address is correct.
2. Verified curve (green). When PentaLaunch team confirms the identity and token smart contract address of a team / individual that creates the curve, the curve will be tagged green (verified). Users participating in the auction still need to read risk statements carefully, and double-confirm that the token smart contract address is correct. Please note that a “verified tag” does not mean PentaLaunch’s endorsement in any sense, and it’s NOT financial advice of any kind.
3. Red “SCAM” tag. PentaLaunch team might receive feedbacks from the community that some curve might be created by a scammer. In this case, PentaLaunch team will investigate. Once confirmed, the curve will be tagged “SCAM” in red. If you see a curve tagged red “SCAM”, please do not participate in the curve auction. If you have bought tokens on the curve, please sell all tokens back to curve as soon as possible. PentaLaunch does not guarantee that every scam or fraudulent curve will be tagged “SCAM”. Therefore, please double-confirm token smart contract address before participating ANY curve auctions.

In addition, PentaLaunch also added several risk warnings.

The goal of this upgrade is to allow users to better identify a project’s identity, and further safeguard user assets. However, PentaLaunch is a decentralized bonding curve auction protocol, anyone can create a curve of any token for auction. Please read risk statements and confirm token smart contract addresses before you participate in any auctions.

Risk Warning

PentaLaunch is a decentralized bonding curve auction protocol. The website ( is only one frontend of the protocol, and it has no control over the curves. Anyone can create a token, and anyone can create a curve. Please do not proceed to create a curve or participate in the auctions if you are a citizen or resident of U.S., People’s Republic of China, Cuba, Crimea region of Ukrain, Democratic people’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Syria. You must meet eligibility requirements by laws and regulations of your country before you participate.

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