Meta Network to Launch Its First Bonding Curve Auction on PentaLaunch

The social token platform Meta Network (META) has officially announced that its first bonding curve token auction will be launched at PentaLaunch ( on April 12 at 20:00 pm UTC+8. The auction will last until April 12 at 21:00 UTC+8, with 21,000 META tokens worth $232,050, starting at 10 USDC and ending at 12.10 USDC. Per address purchase limit 100 META. The auction will be conducted on Ethereum-PentaLaunch.

Meta Network is a social token issuance and trading platform dedicated to using the token economy to enhance the connection between creators and fans. Previously, Meta Network, the Web3 personal token platform, has closed a new $2 million round of funding led by NGC. The first product of Meta Network is Matataki (

PentaLaunch is a bonding curve auction tool that allows open source projects and decentralized organizations to conduct token auction with customized curves. The platform was acquired by Dora Factory in late March.

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