Launched! Dora Factory Community Quadratic Funding Grant Round-1

As the next step towards decentralizing the DORA token and building the DORA Factory infrastructure, we are launching the very first community quadratic funding grant, Dora Factory Community QF Grant (aka. the DAO Hack).

The goal of this community grant round is to incentivize and reward developers building Dora Factory and HackerLink infrastructure from the DoraHacks community and beyond. 7% of DORA tokens are reserved for future community grants to help achieve this goal.

You can build anything that will help improve DAO governance. In particular, we would love to see BUIDLs in the following fields:

● Toolkits or side products to improve user experience on HackerLink

● Substrate pallets integrated to the Dora Factory parachain template that can be used in all Substrate parachain governance (

● Smart contracts of substrate pallets that improve Dora Factory DAO governance

● Frontend products of Dora Factory Substrate pallets (QF, MolochDAO, Futarchy, etc.)

● Products and technology to improve governance on Ethereum and other EVM compatible chains

● Anti-sybil and anti-fraud solutions through DoraID (

Dora Factory is donating an initial $20,000 in $DORA to fund the QF subsidy matching pool. The final distribution of matching funds will be determined by the community votes. Voting is done on the HackerLink platform in terms of $DORA. In order to prevent the impact of sybil attacks, votes casted by addresses with a valid DoraID proof of staking will be weighted 100x more than non-staked ones. Progressive tax will also be applied to all projects to reduce quadratic funding inequality. This is the first quadratic funding grant using the Quadratic Funding Grant V2 Protocol, which introduces DoraID integration for anti-sybil purpose and progressive taxation system to improve fairness.

For those that are interested in submitting a BUIDL/project, visit