Hackerlink’s BUIDL NFT Minting and Trading Guide

How does an open-source project get funded continuously through minting a BUIDL NFT?

Any BUIDL NFT can be traded continuously on Hackerlink. Whoever offers a higher price than its current price can purchase the BUIDL NFT at any time. For every transaction of the NFT, the minter (the project owner) will receive a corresponding return.

  • Minter — project owner, the creator of the NFT.
  • Buyers — NFT’s previous or new owners.

How to create/mint a BUIDL NFT

Sep 1:Prepare a certain amount of $DORA beforehand according to the initial price that you would like to set for your BUIDL NFT. If you set your NFT’s initial selling price at 10 $DORA, then you will need to pay 0.1 $DORA as a mint tax to the platform.

How to purchase BUIDL NFT

Step 1:Prepare sufficient DORA tokens.

  • Buying a BUIDL NFT does not amount to owning the project.
  • There will be an additional 3% of sales tax, which 2% will go to the minter and 1% for the platform when you are purchasing your interested BUIDL’s NFT.

The allocation rules of transactions

  • Minter will receive 20% of the premium + 2% of the total price every time when the BUIDL’s NFT is being traded.
  • The current Owner of the BUIDL’s NFT will receive 70% of the premium when the next buyer buys the NFT.
  • The platform will receive 10% of the premium + 1% of the total price.

How do open-source projects receive more funding through the BUIDL’s NFT function?

  1. Projects with higher potential for further development will naturally receive more funding. Thus, the strengths of your project and its technologies are key to receiving more funding.
  2. Projects that provide links to Twitter and Github accounts and a more detailed description of the project, products, and the team on the Hackerlink BUIDL’s page will receive more community support.
  3. Our platform Hackerlink allows you to freely customize the benefits of purchasing your BUIDL’s NFT when you are uploading your BUIDL like being whitelisted for IDO. So be creative and enjoy!
  4. You can share your BUIDL with friends and the community to gain more exposure. You can also contact us via telegram for further information if you are interested in services like live streaming, community promotion, etc.



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