ETH Hackathon — NFT, DAO, Layer-2, @ Beijing

6 min readFeb 19, 2021

On March 6–7, 2021, DoraHacks will launch the ETH Hackathon in Beijing under the title of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to jointly uncover the star teams and projects of Ether & BSC ecology.

The theme of this Hackathon is NFT, DAO and Ether Layer-2 technology. We will once again invite startup teams, blockchain engineers, front-end engineers, full-stack engineers and designers of Ether & BSC ecology as well as Meme creators, artists, DAO organizers, Rollup Guru to participate in this Hackathon. Let’s hack new contracts and new products on ETH!

Binance Smart Chain, OKExChain, HECO, DFG, Fenbushi Capital, SNZ, NGC, Multicoin, Dragonfly, Hasheky, Candaq, Dealean Capital, CabinVC, DoraHacks Ventures will act as project observers Watch the project demo.

100 Hackers (20 teams) will be recruited worldwide

⏰ Time: March 6–7, 2021

🏡 Beijing

1. What’s there?

· DAOFest: DAO enthusiasts, DAO mechanism designers, DAO organizers together to discuss DAO mechanism research, DAO technology and to explore the design of DAO mechanism for specific scenarios. Welcome to join DAO Fest!(February 27, @ Bilibili)

· NFTFest: Hobbyists, NFT art creators, NFT designers/developers, share technologies, auction works, and interact with games. Welcome to NFT Fest! (Feb 28, @ Bilibili) 10% of the NFT art auction goes into the prize pool of this Hack.

· Offline Hackathon: Hack, demo and investors, new and old Hackers, project side face-to-face communication together!

2. How are we going to hack?

  • NFT, DAO, Layer-2: Develop smart contracts and technologies around these three themes, or improve the technologies and functions of existing products.
  • 1–5 people team battle: Hackers who are skilled in areas such as smart contract development, product development, economic model design, product design etc. can , 1–5 people for a team. Let your ideas, skills collide! (Teams can be formed in advance or on site.)
  • 24-hour Extreme Challenge: The 24-hour incremental project demo will be presented to the audience within 24 hours of implementing the idea or improving the existing product demo.
  • Improvement based on existing projects: Teams with projects can focus on iterating or solving an important product problem on the hackathon, and need to specify 24-hour increments when presenting.
  • Allocation based on the quadratic voting algorithm: judges vote online and the secondary voting algorithm allocates the prize pool. See Quadratic funding algorithm by Vitalik Buterin or Quadratic voting and funding algorithm (in Chinese).
  • Prize pool: $5000 (continuously updated). 10% of NFT art auction amount into the prize pool of this Hackathon.

3. The skills you need…

  • Smart contract development: Solidity, Vyper, Web3, Ether, ERC20, ERC721, etc…
  • Layer-2 technologies: zk rollup, optimistic rollup, Plasma, State Channel, etc…
  • Dev: front-end development, back-end development, full-stack development, mobile development, etc…
  • Non-developers: Meme creators, artists, DAO organizers, Rollup Guru, UI/UX, etc…

4. Some other issues

  • Recruiting 100 Hackers (20 teams): According to the registration information submitted by Hackers, they will be admitted in the order of registration. The registration will be closed when 100 Hackers (or 20 teams) have been admitted.
  • Registration: Teams can be formed in advance, or individual teams can be formed on site, contact DoraHacks for registration, or scan the registration QR code.
  • Mentor: There are senior Hackers on site, you can let them be your mentor while hacking
  • Catering: Catering at the event is free.

5. Schedule

  • DAOFest : Feb. 27th, afternoon
  • NFT Fest : February 28th, afternoon
  • Hackathon : March 6–7

The event is now open for pre-registration. Add Naodongmao in Wechat as a friend to be one step ahead of the others and seize the opportunity!

If you have already added Naodongmao to your contacts in Wechat, you can contact us there directly. Or you can scan the QR code below, which is an another new account of Naodongmao.

When sending the application, please specify “sign up for ETH HACK”.

NFT Art Auction, NFT Game Designers, NFT Developers are welcome to register for NFT Fest!

DAO organizers, enthusiasts, designers are welcome to apply for DAO Fest!

6. Q&A

What will you get from this Hackathon?

  • Realize your own ideas and become the next AC-level technologist
  • Further improve your project and add new features
  • Help frontline ETH eco-projects to solve problems and get Bounty rewards!
  • Meet future partners and friends
  • Show your project to active investors, community KoL
  • Have a nice, fulfilling and delicious weekend

Why NFT?

Because everyone has the opportunity to make a unicorn product.

NFT is in a big explosion phase with growing market cap — Enjin, SandBox, AXIE, Rarible, Avago, MixMarvel. NFT trading platforms are also on the rise, such as OpenSea, art trading platform SuperRare, etc. There are also Unstoppable Domains, non-standard financial NFTs.

Why DAO?

Again, because everyone has the opportunity to make a unicorn product.

Aragon, for example, is one of the best DAO infrastructures in the English community, with more than 1,000 decentralized organizations (DAOs) in Aragon managing more than $300 million in assets as of October 2020.

Why Layer-2?

Once more, because everyone has the opportunity to make a unicorn product.

The most criticized part of Ether is the slow transaction speed and high fees. During the high Defi transaction period this year, the single transaction fee even reached hundreds of dollars. With Layer-2 technical facilities (Layer-2), important issues such as transaction speed, fees, and privacy can be solved, providing the foundation for more application scenarios.

7. Our cooperation partners

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hacker community and the largest hacker community in China. DoraHacks’ mission is to connect the most talented hackers around the world to solve the greatest problems we face in different industries and to solve real urgent issues in our diversiform society. Our global hackers base mainly in San Francisco, Bangaluru, Tokyo, Seoul, Boston, Berlin and other cities in the world.

Be the volunteer!

We are looking for volunteers who…

  • Have a passion for service and a sense of service, willing to help Hackers complete the Hackathon challenge.
  • Have a certain skill (copywriting, layout, event organization, hosting, photography, vlogging, translation, etc., strong strength also counts!
  • Have time, which means you can participate in the preparation and organization of the event. You need to be present for at least one day from the morning of March 6 to the morning of March 7.
  • Hope you love technology, like innovation, also like us also willing to change the world with a little power.
  • And yes, you love to laugh!

Be the coolest volunteer and you will receive…

  • A certificate of volunteer service
  • Learn about cutting-edge technology development and communicate with the most active HACKers.
  • Do a cool thing with like-minded people
  • Excellent volunteers have the opportunity to apply to participate in DoraHacks overseas Hackathon organization with reimbursement of travel and accomodation. These include USA, Germany, UK, India, Japan, Korea, etc.

How to apply as a volunteer?

Scan below to fill out the application and let us know about you!