DuckDAO x Dora Factory: Empowering Open-Source Projects


As part of our ambition to not only build the most inclusive community-powered crypto incubator there is, but to also help nurture and grow the nascent blockchain industry we’re partnering with projects we believe share the same vision to help accomplish a common goal.

This is why we’re proud to announce that we have established a strategic partnership with Dora Factory, a platform that helps empower open-source developers and strengthen the communities built around open-source projects with a suite of tools used for launching DAO-based venture organizations.

DuckDAO will work with Dora Factory to help bolster its community and market its unique product lineup in the weeks and months ahead.

Dora Factory is also coming to DuckSTARTER — stay tuned for the full announcement!

What is Dora Factory?

Dora Factory describes itself as an “open-source, community-driven venture builder” which gives users the power to create and manage powerful decentralized venture organizations.

Through Dora Factory, open-source projects can easily become a venture DAO, allowing its community of users and developers to create and manage the organization and funding of the project — including managing grants, governance, bounties, and more.

By providing a powerful toolkit, curators can easily create and launch their own DAOs to better engage with developers and drive the development of open-source projects. Dora Factory will provide an array of highly-configurable pallets that can be used for managing their venture DAO, which can be added ad-hoc based on the needs of each community.

Dora Factory’s DAO-as-a-service solution is designed to run as a layer-2 protocol on top of Polkadot and Ethereum, providing a solution to projects on both platforms, while allowing developers to easily create and add their own pallets.

The platform is backed by the DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series and HackeLlink Grants, as well as by prominent VC funds including Fundamental Labs, Signum Capital, and LongHash Ventures, giving it the support needed to disrupt the $20 billion open-source services industry.

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