DoraID is Deployed on Ethereum and BSC

DoraID has been deployed on Ethereum and BSC, providing decentralized identity services for the Dora Factory’s ecosystem. It is an auxiliary infrastructure of the Dora Factory ecosystem.

DoraID allows users to stake DORA with customized amount and time to obtain decentralized identity. It is important to have decentralized identity services for anti-sybil, anti-collusion, and anti-fraud purposes in on-chain governance products. Holders of DORA tokens can stake DoraID. Developers to use DoraID to build products and services that require identity.

With DoraID, we can now make HackerLink quadratic funding grants more sybil-resistant, and add identity service to PentaLaunch auctions. Verified users can then participate in a range of products within the Dora Factory ecosystem.

Currently, a DoraID frontend can be accessed here:
The Ethereum DoraID contract address is: 0xA8f56d0506738c7f4400Ae9d8811538A85907287

DoraID was first proposed by core developers of Dora Factory in March 2021 to solve sybil attacks and collusion problems in on-chain quadratic voting. If you are not familiar with DoraID, please read about it here:

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