Dora Ventures Weekly Giveaway! — $BNB Airdrops Coming Up!

Dora Ventures[1] is giving away the second $300 in $BNB to the Dora Factory community this Sunday, April 10, 2022!

The BNB *Multichain* Grant DAO now has more than 1600 contributors, only 20 days after launch. Join this week’s quiz to know more about it!

The future of Web3 and crypto is multi-chain. Make sure everyone can contribute, EARLY🚀

⏰ When:

12:00–14:00, April 10th, UTC

🌵 Where:

Dora Factory Community on Telegram

15 questions and $300 in $BNB giveaways are waiting for those who know Dora Factory best! Rewards will be divided into 2 tiers:

🌷 Tier 1

10 entry-level questions, 0.012 $BNB for the first 3 who answered each question correctly.

🌻 Tier 2

5 veteran-level questions, 0.024 $BNB for the first 3 who answered each question correctly.

*Each participant can win 5 times top in each Sunday Quiz. Cherish every chance to win!

Tips for you to give better answers:

  1. Follow @DoraFactory and @DoraHacks on Twitter to get familiar with the latest campaign.
  2. Go to the Dora Factory website and learn about the Dora ecosystem at

About Dora Ventures[1]

Dora Ventures[1] is an avant-garde infinite hacker fund. Evolving from Dora Ventures[0]’s traditional VC model, Dora Ventures[1] features an infinite life cycle and sticks to credible neutrality. Thanks to the infinite fund structure, Dora Ventures[1] will support crucial ideas in the global hacker movement and #HODL long-term.

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