Dora Ventures Weekly Giveaway! — $BLT & $FLOW Airdrops Coming Up!

Dora Ventures[0] is giving away 2000 $BLT (Blocto Token) & 200 $FLOW to the Dora Factory community this Sunday, Jan 23th 2022, as the 1st giveaway in the new year!

Blocto, one of the most popular wallets in the Flow ecosystem, allows users to easily enter the blockchain world with a very user-friendly experience in various fields. Blocto token (BLT) is the utility and governance token of Blocto, which serves as the foundation of our ecosystem and the interconnective link between the wallet, Blocto made products and our users.

As an early backer of Blocto, Dora Ventures has been holding its governance token for over 6 months. There will be 10 more rounds of $BLT airdrops to the DORA community and DoraHacks shareholders over the next 15 months. Stay tuned!

3 Ways to Participate in the GIVEAWAY:

🍦1. Dora Sunday Quiz on Telegram (Win $2850+)

Time: 12:00–14:00, Jan 23, UTC

Venue: Dora Factory Community on Telegram

25 questions and $BLT & $FLOW giveaways are waiting for those who know Dora Factory and $DORA best! Rewards are divided into 2 tiers:

🐻Tier 1

15 entry-level questions, 20 $BLT & 0.5$FLOW ($30+) for the first 3 who answered each question correctly.

🐲Tier 2

10 veteran-level questions, 30 $BLT & 1.5 $FLOW ($50+)for the first 3 who answered each question correctly. 🔥

*Dora Factory staff will contact the eligible answer givers by PM. Watch out for it!

*Each participant can win 5 times top in each Sunday Quiz. Cherish every chance to win!

Tips for you to give better answers:

  1. Follow @DoraFactory and @DoraHacks on Twitter.
  2. Go to the Dora Factory website and learn about the Dora ecosystem at
  3. Read Dora Factory whitepaper to know more about the DAO-as-a-service infrastructure at
  4. Learn about DoraHacks’ developer incentive platform HackerLink at If you were a user of HackerLink before, the chance to get the airdrop will increase, possibly?
  5. For more detailed info you pls subscribe to our Medium account:

🦅2. Twitter Campaign for Airdrop and win $450+

When: Jan 18— Jan 23

Where: Dora Factory Twitter

Follow @DoraFactory, like, comment, and retweet the tweet about the $BLT and $FLOW with the hashtag #dorafactory.

3 winners will be selected randomly to win 10 $FLOW & 50 $BLT each.

👩‍🚀Airdrop for TG Community Growth Star

Time: Jan 18 — Jan 25

Venue: Dora Factory Community on Telegram

Help us grow the TG group by inviting your friends and pals to learn more about Dora!

The top 10 inviters will be rewarded 10 $FLOW each.

  • New members who join the group will be required to introduce themselves and share one thing they’re interested in the Dora community. Those who invite bots into the group will be disqualified from the event.


Please download and sign up for Blcoto in advance to receive airdrops in time.

Download Blocto:

More airdrops coming soon!

Stay tuned!

About Dora Ventures[1]

Dora Ventures[1] is an avant-garde infinite hacker fund. Evolving from Dora Ventures[0]’s traditional VC model, Dora Ventures[1] features an infinite life cycle and sticks to credible neutrality. Dora Ventures[1] will support crucial ideas in the global hacker movement and #HODL long-term thanks to the infinite fund structure.

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