Dora Factory’s first-round Airdrop for DoraHacks’ developer community

  • Between 2015–2017, DoraHacks held over 200 online and offline hackathons, covered many cutting-edge technology areas in the early days and organized the first hackathons at many globally renowned universities.
  • In 2018, DoraHacks organized 31 major blockchain technology hackathons in 8 countries and 15 cities around the world.
  • In 2019, DoraHacks held “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” hackathon, historically the largest offline hackathon ever in China.
  • In 2020, HackerLink, DoraHacks’ open source developer incentive and funding platform, was launched, serving open source developer community with functionalities like quadratic voting, grants, bounty, online hackathon, and developer profile. On Hackerlink, more than 2 million USD has been donated to the developers and open source projects.
  • In 2021, DoraHacks will continue to host online and offline blockchain hackathons in various regions of the world by running Global Hackathon Series (DoraHacks GHS 2021). DoraHacks will cover developer communities in over 40 countries and 100 cities, both online and offline.
The 4th Industrial Revolution Hackathon @ Beijing, China. 2019.7.21

About Airdrop

Who can claim the Airdrop and how much can be claimed?

The DoraHacks community members eligible for this round of Airdrop and amount for each group

How to claim DORA

  1. Developers who have ever participated in events organized by DoraHacks
  • Web log-in
  • Fill out the developer profile, save and submit, please note the following when filling out the profile:
    - Your wallet address: it must be an independent wallet address that can receive BEP20 Token from the BSC network, which will be used for this drop.
    - Please add as much information as possible to your profile.
    - The administrator will check the authenticity of your profile.



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