Dora Factory x Cronos: Funding public goods with Cronos

2 min readMar 14, 2023

The Dora Factory community is proud to announce their public goods staking partnership with Cronos, assisting with the growth and positive advancement of the ecosystem.

Dora Factory validates multiple crucial Web3 networks to contribute to decentralization as well as funding grassroot innovation together with our partners via native block rewards. Dora Factory is a key element in the DoraHacks ecosystem that provides crucial infrastructure to further help fund the hacker movement.

As a public goods validator, Dora Factory will assist in further providing a secure and reliable infrastructure for Cronos.

Here are some of the key areas where Dora Factory and Cronos will collaborate:

Public Good Staking

Cronos has a strong focus on supporting public good staking and community participation. Through this partnership, Dora Factory will work with Cronos to encourage developers to build applications that support public good staking and reward users for participating in the ecosystem. By validating the Cronos network, Dora Factory will earn rewards in the form of CRO tokens. These rewards will be used to fund hackathons, GrantDAO programs, and support incubation of early stage teams building on Cronos.

Validating the network

Dora Factory will play a role in securing the Cronos network. By participating in the validation process, they help to maintain the integrity of the network and prevent malicious actors from taking control, thus improving the entire Cronos ecosystem.

GrantDAO, Hackathons and Accelerator Programs

Dora Factory will work with Cronos to organize hackathons, Cronos GrantDAO, Cronos Accelerator Program and Incubation, to focus on developing innovative solutions on the Cronos platform. These initiatives will provide a platform for developers to showcase their skills and create real-world solutions that can be used by businesses and individuals, and help nurture projects that are in their early stages.