Dora Factory Token Split Community Announcement

3 min readAug 25, 2023

Dear Dora Factory community,

We are announcing an upcoming redenomination for the DORA token in preparation for the launch of Dora Vota, a special-purpose app chain dedicated to voting and decentralized governance.

This announcement aims to clarify the details and the reasons behind this decision to ensure transparency and trust within our community.

Token Name Remains Unchanged

The name of the new DORA token will remain “Dora Factory” and the ticker “DORA”. There will be no change to the brand or identity.

The Ratio of the Split: from 10 million to 1 billion

You will receive 100 new DORA tokens for every DORA token you hold, effectively changing the total supply from 10 million DORA tokens to 1 billion DORA tokens.

Rationale Behind the Split

The main driver for this token split is the imminent launch of the Dora Factory Vota mainnet.

Dora Vota is a dedicated Cosmwasm-based application chain focusing on voting and decentralized governance. With this upcoming development, the DORA token will serve as the native token of the Dora Vota mainnet, encompassing gas and governance utility functions.

By splitting DORA tokens, users can utilize the Dora Vota utilities and services more cost-effectively, ensuring broader accessibility and fostering wider adoption.

ERC20-DORA vs. Vota Mainnet DORA

Because DORA is currently an ERC-20 token, the token split will first happen on Ethereum. A new DORA token smart contract will be deployed to replace the old one. To make it as hassle-free as possible for DORA holders, we will implement a token swap in CEXes and an airdrop to all on-chain holders described in the schedule below. Please carefully read the schedule.

After the token split, Dora Vota Mainnet will be launched. We will create a one-directional bridge to allow users to exchange ERC-20 DORA to Vota Mainnet DORA on a 1:1 basis. As a result, both ERC-20 DORA and Vota Mainnet DORA will co-exist, while the total supply of DORA tokens will remain the same (1 billion DORA).

Token Split Schedule

Removal of Uniswap pool liquidity:

August 30th

All exchanges to stop deposit, withdrawal, and trading of old DORA tokens:

No later than Sep.6th UTC+0 9 AM, 2023

Snapshot of all addresses, including in-exchange user snapshots

Around Sep.6th UTC+0 11 AM, 2023

Dora Factory to airdrop new DORA tokens to all on-chain holders:

Around Sep.6th UTC+0 1 PM, 2023

Exchanges to airdrop to users in exchanges:

Between Sep.6th UTC+0 1 PM and Sep.7th UTC+0 9 AM, 2023

All exchanges to start deposit and withdrawal of new DORA token:

Sep.7th UTC+0 9 AM, 2023

All exchanges to begin trading of new DORA token:

Sep.8th UTC+0 9 AM, 2023

Please pay special attention to ERC-20 DORA token smart contract addresses:

DORA Contract Address (Old): 0xbc4171f45EF0EF66E76F979dF021a34B46DCc81d

DORA Contract Address (New): 0x70b790d0948a760e80bc3f892b142F7779b538B2

We sincerely appreciate the trust and support from our community as we take these steps forward.

For any further questions or concerns, please contact our support channels.


Dora Factory Team

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