Dora Factory: Stake to Earn

7 min readJul 1, 2023

In 2022, Public Good Staking was invented and introduced by Dora Factory.

Since then, Dora Factory has been pioneering in Institutional Staking infrastructure and service on 30+ Proof-of-Stake blockchains and is now kicking off Consumer Staking, starting from the Cosmos Hub Validator with $DORA rebate rewards in an attempt to take Public Good Staking a step further to empower robust governance and vital ecosystems.

🪑Sit tight as we roll out Consumer Staking to other Blockchains!

To dive deep into how the block incentives help empower blochchain ecosystems, read more here:


  • When users decide to stake $ATOM, they have to stake the tokens via CosmosHub staking interfaces such as the Keplr Dashboard. Users can use the Dora Factory user portal to get statistics on their rewards and $DORA rebates.
  • In order to incentivize early staking users, there will be a long-term token reward program. The program’s first stage is a testing period, during which a reward pool of 10,000 $DORA will be disbursed over the next 2 months (5,000 $DORA/ month).
  • You can stake $ATOM any time to participate in the testing period. However, the official starting time of Stake-to-Earn is July 5th 2023. The testing period goes from July 5th to September 5th 2023.
  • Based on the results and community feedback, necessary adjustments will be made to the product after 2 months based on the results and community feedback from the testing period.

This is a simple step-by-step guide to help you get an overview of the Dora Factory Consumer Staking user portal- the login process, staking your ATOM & more.

💻 How to create an account as a new user

🦊 Linking your wallet to get started

💲 Staking $ATOM to Dora Factory’s Cosmos Hub Validator

💰 How are my $DORA rewards calculated

🤑How to claim and withdraw $DORA rewards

Let’s get started!

💻 How to create an account as a new user

Click on this link or visit to head to the Dora Factory Staking Platform.

If you are a new user, Click on Sign up and create an account by entering the preferred credentials and verify your email address via the confirmation email sent to your inbox.

We recommend you to set up 2FA for security reasons by scanning the QR code on your preferred app, please save your backup code for when you don’t have the authentication code.

Welcome to the Dora Factory user portal!

🦊 Linking your wallet to get started

Once you enter the platform, you can see your dashboard. There are three sections, namely:

  1. Stats — Stats show you an overview of your staked coins on different blockchains and the rewards
  2. Addresses — Addresses give you the ability to add or remove your linked wallets on different blockchains
  3. Incentives — Incentives is your go-to dashboard to see the claimable governance incentives in the form of $DORA rebates

However, to get started you will need to link your Cosmos-compatible wallet, like Keplr by clicking on “Link Address”.

As you click on “Link Address” the website will prompt you to select your blockchain, select Cosmos and click on “Link address” again.

If you do not have the Keplr wallet, you will need to add the extension to your browser and load it with $ATOM.

💲Staking $ATOM to Dora Factory’s Cosmos Hub Validator

Once you have set up your dashboard on, you will need to stake your $ATOM.

To stake $ATOM on the Dora Factory Cosmos Hub Validator, visit the homepage: or click here.

Click select “Public Good Staking” from the header, scroll down to find Cosmos and click on “Stake Now”

Once you click on “Stake Now”, you will be able to see further details like Staking APR, Commission Rate & more.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the following details and are ready to stake, click on “Stake Now”. As you do that, the website will redirect you to your Keplr Dashboard (provided you installed the extension as per Step-2)

You will be able to see the available funds and $ATOM available to stake. Enter the desired “Amount to Delegate”.

🔊 Please note, Dora Factory CosmosHub Validator charges a 5% commission from stakers staking rewards but provides $DORA rebates to stakers as incentives.

From July 1st to August 31, 2023, We are giving out 5,000 $DORA tokens as a total rebate pool each month for 2 month time- 10,000 $DORA in total. See how these rewards are calculated:

Confirm the transaction by signing it via your Keplr Wallet the analytics will reflect on your dashboard and the Stats page on

You can head back to to the Stats page for analytics and Addresses page to recheck the linked address.

There might be a delay before your staking stats show up on the Dora Factory user portal. Refresh the page after 20 minutes if you don’t see your staking stats.

Congratulations! You have successfully staked your $ATOM on the Dora Factory Cosmos Hub Validator.

💰 How are my $DORA rewards calculated

You can return to your original dashboard, head to the Incentives page, and take a look at the rewards allotted to you.

First, let’s understand how are the $DORA rewards calculated-

Let’s say the user decides to stake a total of “X” $ATOM with Dora Factory.

In a month, let’s say from July 5th to August 5th, 2023 “Y” out of the “X” $ATOMS were staked. Meaning, the user has contributed X/Y% of the total consumer stake pool which also means that they are entitled to X/Y% out of the 5000 $DORA reward pool deployed for that month.

Note that the total consumer staking amount is the total staked amount minus institutional stake.

🤑 How to claim and withdraw $DORA rewards

Users can claim $DORA tokens over a period of 3 months to 24 months. If a user chooses to claim $DORA after “Z” months, the user after “Z” months can claim (Z/24) x (X/Y) x 5000 $DORA.

The remaining $DORA tokens will be added to the monthly total prize pool after 12 months. In case the user partially claimed $DORA tokens in October 2023. The unclaimed $DORA token will be added to the reward pool of October 2024 as an added incentive.

(The claimable $DORA rewards are directly proportional to the duration of $DORA staking selected by the user, the higher the locking period is, the higher the $DORA rewards are)

To select the staking duration of your $DORA rewards and determine your Governance Incentives, click on “Claim Incentives”.

vcDORA: vcDORA stands for Voice Credit DORA, it is the community governance voice credit of the Dora Factory Protocol. vcDORA is not a token, and it cannot be transferred.

⛽ Please make sure you have sufficient ETH balance to pay the gas fees

The withdrawable rewards will be shown on your screen, to transfer it to your linked wallet, click on withdraw and enjoy the juicy yields 🎉🤑