Dora Factory Open Grant Now Accepts Application

According to the Dora Factory Whitepaper, 15% of the initial DORA total supply is reserved for the Open Grant Program. The Open Grant Program supports developers and teams around the world to help build the Dora Factory infrastructure and ecosystem. We are accepting individuals and teams with strong passion and capability to research and build. The Open Grant supports projects that fall into the following categories:

  1. Dora Factory Infrastructure: Dora Factory is building a Substrate-based DAO infrastructure. We will fund developers and teams that contribute to the Dora Factory Substrate chain, including but not limited to consensus algorithms (NPoS), the token economics, and the DAO-as-a-Service architecture.
  2. Essential Toolkits — APIs, blockchain explorers, wallets, developer IDEs, and more.
  3. DAO and On-chain Governance Research — Research and implementation of new governance theories with blockchain technology, not chain-specific, can be based on any ecosystem.
  4. Application-Level Modules: Substrate pallets that can be added as a service and integrated into Dora Factory’s infrastructure and token economy.
  5. Documentation: Contribute to Dora Factory developer and user documentation project (starting soon).

Please read the Open Grant GitHub repo ( for details and follow the instructions to apply for open grants. The Open Grant requires solid proposals from the candidates, and a screening process. The application process will also evolve over time.

Another source of funding is the Dora Factory Community Grant — quadratic funding grants and hackathon series. The Dora Factory community grant will be hosted in rounds. The first round of Dora Factory Community Grant and Hackathon is live on HackerLink now, you can join the grant hackathon by submitting a BUIDL at The community grant is supporting both infrastructure-level and application-level projects, as well as community / media projects that could help grow the Dora Factory community. Community grant applicants will need to create a BUIDL on HackerLink for the project, and go through a review process.

We welcome developers from the DoraHacks community and beyond to build the DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure with us, and create amazing applications to allow DAOs — big and small — to enjoy the power of governance technology.