Dora Factory has implemented MolochDAO V1 on Substrate, successfully delivered the Milestone-1 of its Second Web3 Foundation Open Grant.

DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure, Dora Factory, has completed and delivered the MolochDAO V1 Pallet on Substrate. This pallet implements MolochDAO V1 on Substrate and is open-sourced under the MIT License. The parallel chains and applications of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems can use and deploy MolochDAO using the source code provided by DoraFactory or further develop MolochDAO based applications on Dora Factory’s open source code for specific use cases.

According to the information on GitHub, Dora Factory MolochDAO V1 Pallet has been accepted by the Web3 Foundation Open Grant (Milestone-1, Pull Request #185), This is Dora Factory’s second W3F Open Grant. Dora Factory previously obtained the W3F Open Grant through the completion of the Quadratic Voting and Funding pallet, which has been deployed and runs independently on Substrate’s node.

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