Dora Factory & Evmos: Funding developers with Evmos native block rewards

2 min readApr 26, 2023

George Pagonis, Steve Ngok

The Dora Factory community is pleased to announce that they will be supporting Evmos through a public good staking partnership, supporting the positive growth and adoption of the Evmos ecosystem.

Dora Factory provides crucial infrastructure to further help fund the hacker movement. Dora Factory validates multiple networks within the Cosmos ecosystem such as Cosmos Hub, Injective protocol, and Cronos to contribute to decentralization of Cosmos as well as funding grassroot innovation together with our partners via native block rewards. Validating the Evmos network will assist in providing a more secure and reliable infrastructure for the ecosystem as a whole.

Some of the key areas where Dora Factory and Evmos will create synergies are:

Public Good Staking

Through this partnership, Dora Factory together with Evmos, aim to encourage developers to BUIDL DApps that support public good staking, and provide rewards for these users who are participating in the ecosystem. By running nodes and validating the Evmos network, Dora Factory will earn block rewards in the form of $EVMOS tokens. These rewards will be used to fund multiple hackathons, the Evmos GrantDAO program, and help incubate the best early stage teams building innovative solutions on Evmos.

Validating the network

Dora Factory will play a role in securing the Evmos network through running a node. By delegating their tokens and participating in the validation process, Dora Factory assists to maintain the integrity of the network and prevent malicious actors from taking control, thus improving the entire Cronos ecosystem.

GrantDAO, Hackathons and Incubation

Dora Factory and Evmos will work together to organize hackathons, a Evmos GrantDAO program and Incubation. Through these initiatives we aim to provide a platform for developers to onboard into the Evmos ecosystem and showcase their innovative solutions to real-world problems. We aim to nurture the key projects in their early stages that will bring mass adoption to Web3.

In the near future Dora Factory will be launching a community validator node for members of our communities to delegate and earn a share of block rewards.

About Dora Factory

Dora Factory is a the new generation blockchain infrastructure for public good staking and governance, decentralizing blockchain networks and empowering an everlasting hacker movement on blockchain and beyond.

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