Dora Factory Completed Milestone-2 of The 2nd Web3 Foundation Grant

We are glad to update that Dora Factory has completed the second milestone of our Open Grant at Web3 Foundation — we successfully built MolochDAO v2 pallet on Substrate. The new open source pallet can be used by any Substrate chain, parachain, or a relaychain to implement MolochDAO v2 for grant DAO or venture DAO purposes.

This is the second Open Grant Dora Factory has received. The first open grant helped us implement a Substrate Quadratic Funding Grant pallet and integrated it with HackerLink, a major open source funding platform created by DoraHacks team. Under the second open grant, we implemented MolochDAO v1 and MolochDAO v2 on Substrate.

The two pallets will become two building blocks of the Dora Factory DAO-as-a-Service insfrastructure.

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