Dora Factory Community Grant Round-2 Kicks off: A $60K prize pool supporting community BUIDLers!

5 min readOct 16, 2021
The DAO Hack is coming, again!

The DAO Hack is coming, again!

#BUIDL the next level on-chain governance applications for the next MEGA Bull

Blockchain is enabling the world to imagine. The new generation of on-chain governance is coming to reality.

The core of DAO is on-chain governance. Without blockchain, many things are unimaginable! Now we can implement quadratic voting, Harberger tax, continuous organizations, Moloch, and many more interesting schemes and products ON-CHAIN! Thus, Dora Factory team is continuously hosting a unique DAO Hack, aka. the Dora Factory Community QF Grant to provide incentive for creative designs in on-chain governance.

The first round of the Grant successfully ended on August 31 with 8 teams receiving $50,000 community support, including DAOrayaki, a decentralized DAO media, Vhota App, a polling application, EntangledQuery, a DAO for quantum knowledge sharing, Ethsign, a Web3 e-signature tool, etc.. Thanks to all the hackers for building a stronger Dora Factory community!

From Oct 6, the 2nd round of Dora Factory Community QF Grant will be launched. For the 2nd round of the grant, Dora Factory is injecting 8,000 DORA to the initial prize pool. This Grant will be distributed based on the Quadratic Funding V2 protocol on the HackerLink platform.

And what makes this round special is that you will be the initial users experiencing Dora Factory parachain testnet with DORATEST[0], the test token for voting during the grant!

Join us to innovate and build DAO schemes and products for the mass adoption of DAO!

  • Grant prize pool will be distributed by the results of quadratic voting using DORATEST[0]. To avoid sybil attack and maintain the fairness of quadratic voting, the Quadratic Funding V2 mechanism as well as DoraID is applied to this grant and hackathon.


Project submission: October 6 — November 5

End of Submission: 13:00, November 5, UTC

Live project demo: late-October

Release of results: November 8

Who can apply?

Compared to the 1st round, Dora Factory Community Grant Round-2 welcomes a larger scale of BUIDLers to build! Whether you are (new) hackers with great ideas or you’ve already been building moonshot DAO technology or products, we welcome all hacking buddies!

We would love to see BUIDLs in the following fields:

- Core Modules: Multisig Pallet, Private Voting Middlewares

- Moloch Pallet: Contribute to the Dora Factory Moloch pallet,and build frontend products / services based on the pallet

- Governance applications and toolkits with Dora Factory Testnet[0] Contract Pallet

- Build dev tools and UI for Dora Factory Contract Pallet

- Products related to Continuous Funding and Retroactive Funding on Substrate

- DAOs and decentralized communities

- Dora Factory communities and media projects

It will be a good start if you have some of the skills listed below:

DAO | On-chain Governance | Radical Markets | Privacy Technology

BFT | Lightening | Taproot | Consensus Algorithms | Renewable Energy

Satellite Communications | Asteroid Commodities | Communication Technologies

Solidity | IPFS | NFT | Arweave | ZKP | Rust | Substrate | Solana

Front-end | Back-end | Full Stack | Mobile App Development

Meme creator | Crypto Artist | DAO curator | UI/UX

How to Apply?

Before Dora Factory officially gets a parachain slot, there will be multiple local testnets. (While) All testnets will have native tokens, these native tokens are just for testing purposes and have NO intrinsic value. The first testnet is the Dora Factory Testnet 0, the native token is DORATEST[0]. The goal of this network is to test the Dora Factory Quadratic Funding Pallet, and use it to support a real QF round — Dora Factory Quadratic Funding Grant Round-2.

During this grant, you may need some DORATEST[0] as gas fee and votes. DORATEST[0] will be sent by the Dora Factory team. If you’re a developer who wants to register for the grant, please contact @hackerlinkofficial to get support.

Detailed application guidelines:

Why Join Us?

  1. Great Prize Pool waiting for you: Every project that gets voted will be able to share a portion of our total prize pool, distributed and fund matching by our on-chain quadratic voting and funding mechanism.
  2. Publicity Exposure: We provide opportunities for you to showcase your projects to our developer communities around the world via social media channels!
  3. Further Fundings: We have many venture partners behind the scene. We will connect good projects to investors and help your projects get funded potentially .
  4. Certificates: Participation Certificates will be awarded to all the participants and Award certificates will be given to the top 3 teams on our leaderboard.

MORE is waiting for you! It’s an amazing time to BUIDL!


  1. How do I talk with other DF community BUIDLers?

Please join:

2. How do I get DORATEST[0]?

If you’re a BUIDLer, please check:

If you’re a voter, please check: (TBD)

3. What wallet should I use for the grant?

Please make sure you have created a Polkadot JS wallet account and it’s listed the first account in your wallet.

For other enquiries, please contact @hackerlinkofficial on Telegram.

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