Dora Factory Community Grant Round-2 Kicks off: A $60K prize pool supporting community BUIDLers!

The DAO Hack is coming, again!

The DAO Hack is coming, again!

  • Grant prize pool will be distributed by the results of quadratic voting using DORATEST[0]. To avoid sybil attack and maintain the fairness of quadratic voting, the Quadratic Funding V2 mechanism as well as DoraID is applied to this grant and hackathon.


Who can apply?

It will be a good start if you have some of the skills listed below:

How to Apply?

Why Join Us?

  1. Great Prize Pool waiting for you: Every project that gets voted will be able to share a portion of our total prize pool, distributed and fund matching by our on-chain quadratic voting and funding mechanism.
  2. Publicity Exposure: We provide opportunities for you to showcase your projects to our developer communities around the world via social media channels!
  3. Further Fundings: We have many venture partners behind the scene. We will connect good projects to investors and help your projects get funded potentially .
  4. Certificates: Participation Certificates will be awarded to all the participants and Award certificates will be given to the top 3 teams on our leaderboard.


  1. How do I talk with other DF community BUIDLers?

About Dora Factory

About DoraHacks

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