Dora Factory Community Grant Round 1 concludes, 8 projects receive funding of fifty thousand dollars

1 min readSep 2, 2021


The Dora Factory quadratic funding grant round-1 has closed on 31st Aug 2021. 8 projects from the grant have received 4885.7 DORA (~51,000 USD) of funding at the time of closing. The top five projects funded by the grant are DAOrayaki, LA DAO, EntangledQuery, Alexandria — Decentralized University, and Ethsign.

Here is a list of all projects:

DAOrayaki — created a decentralized media that is powered by a DAO and a network of contributors

LA DAO — an event DAO, building strong community for developers, hackers and blockchain enthusiasts via curated events and conferences.

EntangledQuery — a knowledge sharing platform designed to connect and empower global quantum researchers and developers.

Alexandria Decentralized University — frictionless file sharing, contract chains, and decentralized education for institutional learners abroad.

EthSign — Protocols for decentralized, immutable, and transparent electronic signature services.

Vhota Dapp — Developing a transparent platform to provide free and fair elections in Africa.

Itheum — A cross-chain platform to enable seamless sale of personal data as an asset.

The second round of Dora Factory Community Grant will launch in September.

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