Dora Factory Closes Second Round of Private Sale

Dora Factory, the DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure for on-chain governance and open source ventures, has closed its second round of private sale. The new round is joined by Fundamental Labs, Signum Capital, CMS Holdings, Hypersphere Ventures, Block Dream Fund, ID Theory, LongHash Ventures, PAKA, NEO EcoFund, Incuba Alpha, Zonff Partners, SevenX Ventures, Lancer Capital, Privcode Capital,, Horizon Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Kernel Ventures, JRR, Infinity Labs, Lotus Capital, BlockRock Capital, BlockArk, Clover Ventures, The LAO and DuckDAO.

Dora Factory is a Substrate based programmable DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure. Backed by DoraHacks, the global hacker community and HackerLink, the blockchain developer platform that many top blockchain ecosystems partner with, Dora Factory aims to provide a robust and open playground on which developers can build crucial on-chain governance features as Pallets for future DAOs.

The new investor line-up features leading Polkadot ecosystem funds and avant-garde DAO Venture Capitals.

“We’re honored and excited to have more backers joining us upon the journey of building the next level infrastructure of DAOs.” Said Eric Zhang, the architect of Dora Factory.

Led by HashKey, Dora Factory’s first round of private sale was joined by NGC Ventures, DFG, SNZ Holdings, AU21 Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Digital Renaissance Foundation, Candaq Fintech Group, Dealean Capital, Cabin VC, LD Capital and DoraHacks Ventures. 8 out of 10 Huobi Polkadot Sponsors have closed their investment in Dora Factory.

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