Dora Factory Biweekly Quiz Online(02/05)

2 min readFeb 5, 2023


Check out what happened on DORA recently by reviewing the following references and comment your answer to share the 200 USDT prize pool!


The first 20 participants who answer all questions correctly can get 10$USDT each. 200 $USDT rewards in total.


  1. Follow @DoraFactory and @DoraHacks on Twitter to get familiar with the latest campaign.
  2. Dora Factory Public Good Staking page
  3. The first batch of voting results of ETH Research Grant MACI-PLONK
  4. Funding Aptos Builders with Public Good Staking
  5. PLONK-Based MACI


  1. Comment your answer in the form of a picture below this tweet.
  2. Add what you want to say or share with DORA and your Twitter handle at the end of your answers to make it unique. Copy and paste is definitely not allowed.
  3. If you comment answers multiple times, we will take the answer you leave for the first time as your entry. If you want to correct your answer please leave a new comment and remember to delete the earlier one.
  • Entries that do not meet all the above requirements will be disqualified.

🙋Quiz Questions

  1. Gap Filling:

Ethereum Research Grant is the first practice of ___.

2. What’s the most noticeable difference between Plonk-MACI and Groth16-MACI?

3. Name at least two DoraHacks events which adopted MACI.

4. As the long-term grant funding innovative Ethereum studies, Ethereum Research Grant has successfully wrapped up its first funding round. Name the link where you can check the final ranking of grantees.

5. In Aptos Grant DAO, name two additional measures which were applied to mitigate the challenges of quadratic governance.

6. Explain grant funding distribution algorithm briefly.

7. What is vcDORA?

8. Dora Factory Public Good Staking page is online. Name the link.

9. Which tool can you utilize on if you wanna be a hunter or a bounty publisher?

10. Name one of the ongoing hackathons or grants on that you are most interested in and share your reasons.

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Dora Factory is the digital infrastructure builder of the Global Hacker Movement. It creates protocols, toolings, and public good infrastructures that help open source communities and frontier tech builders to thrive.

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