Dora Factory Acquires PentaLaunch — A Programmable Curve Auction Platform

2 min readMar 28, 2021


We are glad to announce that Dora Factory is acquiring PentaLaunch (, a programmable curve auction platform for token sales. By acquiring the platform, Dora Factory will be able to offer tools for DAOs and open source developer projects to raise fund on self-defined supply-price curves.

PentaLaunch was first conceived and built by a DoraHacks community developer named Goda Takeshi (@GodaTakeshi7), who applied for BSC Grant Round-1. During the grant, he continued developing the product from scratch to a full-functioning site.

While we were surprised by the capability and devotion of Goda, we found that the project could have strong synergy with Dora Factory and DoraHacks. Therefore, we introduced other projects from the grant to the developer, and sponsored fees for its first security audit.

Last week, xDefi team (another BSC grantee) conducted its first and only round of IDO on PentaLaunch. 225,000 XDEX tokens (xDefi’s governance token) were sold out within 2 minutes, worth $83,998. On March 24th 2021, all token buyers safely withdrew tokens from the curve, and we are really glad to see a developer’s project can be taken so far within such a short period of time.

The partnership has been discussed for weeks. Today we are pleased to announce this acquisition.

The PentaLaunch v1 will be as it is now — a decentralized, permissionless bonding curve generator, allowing every project to create a curve for token auction.

After this acquisition, Mr. Takeshi will join Dora Factory developer community and continue to contribute to the code base. Dora Factory team will work with Mr. Takeshi to improve the product’s auction mechanism, security and usability.

PentaLaunch V2 development is now in the pipeline. In PentaLaunch V2, there will be several improvements on security, front-run resistance, project legitimacy verification, and token economics.