DAO-as-a-Service Infrastructure Dora Factory Closed Seed Funding

“For us, a DAO is not just a coin-voting machine. A DAO is a set of on-chain governance schemes. To achieve this, there needs to be an open infrastructure where DAOs can plug-and-play governance features freely, and that’s what we call a DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure. Substrate offers a unique tool to build an open platform for on-chain governance protocols.” said Eric Zhang, the Architect of Dora Factory.

“DAOs are the future of organizations. There are many examples of DAOs we can think of — open source developer teams, Defi protocol governance bodies, public chain developer communities, DAO-organized venture capitals, and many more, they all can be or already are DAOs. In the future, many more institutions can be organized as DAOs. For example, non-profit organizations, crypto artist groups, event organizers, hobbyist groups, decentralized media, etc.” said Steve Ngok, the Oracle of Dora Factory.

“Dora Factory provides a playground where DAOs can be easily created and equipped with cool pallets that serve their crucial needs for governance, fundraise, collaboration, administration, and more.” Eric said.

“We hope that DoraHacks and HackerLink’s vibrant global community will help Dora Factory grow a robust developer community to build amazing pallets and provide services and schemes in many fields that DAOs can use.” Said Ngok.



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