Continuous Common Good Funding

Common Goods and Funding Schemes

An In-depth Discussion on Bonding Curves

  1. Mint (buy)
  2. Burn (sell)
  1. Infinite token supply
  2. Programmatic token issuance and price curve
  3. Permissionless token minting
  4. Fair mint

Continuous Common Good Funding (CF)

  1. Pc >= Ps
  1. Pc < Ps

Continuous Public Good Funding

  1. All tokens are minted through bonding curves
  2. Monotonically increasing curve (mostly)
  3. Infinite token supply
  4. Supply controlled by curve price
  5. Directly funding projects
  6. No pre-minted token

Utility of Continuous Common Good Tokens (Project Tokens)

  • Governance Token
  • Contribution Badges / Memes
  • Protocol / Network Utilities
  • Security Token
  • More to be invented…

Examples of Continuous Common Goods

  • Open Source Projects
  • Non-profit organizations and public good projects will be natural continuous common goods.
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Blockchain Protocols
  • DAOs

Continuous Common Good Funding and Retroactive Public Good Funding



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