ChainSwap Cross-Chain Token Bridge Cracked by Black-Hat Hacker

2 min readJul 11, 2021

Today, sadly ChainSwap was cracked again by a black-hat hacker. This time, DORA tokens on ChainSwap bridges were affected. 7872 DORA tokens were stolen from the ChainSwap bridge smart contract and they were immediately sold on Uniswap.

ChainSwap team has contacted us and briefed the situation. They are actively tracking the hacker’s address and promised to work with us to deliver a solution to cover the loss of Dora Factory foundation and our community as soon as they can.

Comparing to the current FDV market cap of Dora Factory, the loss of DORA on ChainSwap bridge attack is not significant (worth less than $50k). Most of the tokens were assets owned by the Foundation, and they were used to create cross-chain liquidities. This event will not affect the development of Dora Factory in any foreseeable way (definitely no need to panic!).

However, we do recognize that cross-chain technology is early-stage and it is far from being mature. As a result of this event, we will temporarily withdraw all cross-chain Defi liquidities until we have a verifiably secure solution (either a new cross-chain service provider, or develop our own cross-chain infrastructure).

For now, we will work with ChainSwap team on this issue and find a solution to the problems in the coming week. (ChainSwap team is actively solving the problems now, give them some time!). We will make an announcement once we have a final solution.

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