Announcement on The First Meme Contest

Dear Dorayaki Community,

We are so excited to see so many AMAZING memes created during the first Dora Factory Meme Contest! Thank you for creating so many cool memes for $Dorayaki!

Now the contest has ended and by 12:00 pm UTC+0 there were more than Memes submitted on Twitter.

According to the rules we originally set, the first most liked meme on twitter will be rewarded 15 $DORA, the 2nd to 5th most liked meme on twitter will be rewarded 5 $DORA, the 6th to 10th most liked meme on twitter will be rewarded 1 $DORA.

Here is the list of memes that will be rewarded: , 2300 likes, 10 $DORA, 1000 likes, 5 $DORA, 939 likes, 5 $DORA, 519 likes, 5 $DORA, 411 likes, 5 $DORA, 357 likes, 1 $DORA, 343 likes, 1 $DORA, 321 likes, 1 $DORA, 299 likes, 1 $DORA
291 likes, 1 $DORA

Congratulations to all meme creators of the top 10 winners!

Although we have the rules pre-set for this contest, we see SO MANY great memes created!! Therefore we decided to give EXTRA rewards to more memes that have not got in top-10 in terms of likes! The following memes are hand-picked by Dora Factory’s operation volunteers and each of them will be rewarded 0.5 $DORA!

Thank you ALL for being so creative!

The next step:

Please leave your ERC-20 address by replying your meme tweet (comment) before 12:00pm April 7th 2021 UTC+0, and you will receive token in that address by 12:00 pm April 8th 2021 UTC+0.

** Please use the SAME twitter account posting the meme to leave you address so that we can verify your identity! **

Thank you again for participating in this Meme contest. We are sure your memes will be liked and used by our community very soon!

We will host more meme contest, and we will continue improving the rules of the contest to better encourage creativity. Stay tuned!



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