2nd Dora Factory Meme Contest Winner Announcement

Dear DORA Community,

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Dora Factory Meme Contest has been successfully concluded, and we are so excited to see so many submissions — by the closing time (Dec. 6th 12:00 UTC) of the contest, more than 150 entries have been submitted on twitter. Thank you for contributing your creativity to the Dora community.

According to the rules of the contest , the top 3 most liked twitter submissions (excluding submissions using bot/scam to pump like numbers, submissions that copied other candidates, and submissions from last contest) will be rewarded 20 $DORAs each, the 4th to 8th most liked memes will each receive 10 $DORAs, and the 9th to 15th memes with the most likes will receive 5 $DORAs each. Last but not least, although the Dora team stated 5 honorable mentions in the rules, since there had been so many creative entries, we had decided to pick 9 submissions as our honorable mentions this time with each receiving 5 $DORAs.

Detailed reward list are as follows:

3 Winners with 20 $DORA rewards:




5 Winners with 10 $DORA rewards:






7 Winners with 5 $DORA rewards:








9 Dora team honorable mentions with 5 $DORA rewards each:

https://twitter.com/tr_namz/status/1466686916225601539 https://twitter.com/Rohim99294717/status/1464560513988194308








Thank you all for your awesome creativity! Stay tuned for more DORA community contests and rewards.

Next step:

Thank you ALL for being so creative!

Please leave your ERC-20 address by replying to (comment on) your meme tweet (NOTE: make sure the account posting the ERC-20 address is the SAME account that posted the winning meme, if not the wallet address won’t be recognized) before 12:00 pm December 16th 2021 UTC+0, and you will receive the token in your submitted address no later than by 12:00 pm December 21st 2021 UTC+0.

Thank you again for participating in this Meme contest. We are sure your memes will be liked and used by our community very soon!

Going forward there will be more events and activities to come, be sure to check the official @DoraFactory twitter account often!




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