by PentaLaunch Team

PentaLaunch has completed a frontend update. The updated frontend can tag curves based on the following rules:

1. Curves created will show on the frontend without permission of any party, including PentaLaunch itself. By default, a curve has no tags. Because the curve can be created by any individual or organization, please read all risk statements and warnings before you proceed, and double-check the token’s smart contract address is correct. 2. Verified curve (green). When PentaLaunch team confirms the identity and token smart contract address of a team / individual that creates the curve, the curve will…

By PentaLaunch Team

Earlier today, a community member who claimed himself to be a white hack hacker, refunded all USDC he withdrew from the two $WAR curves forged on April 29, 2021. The white-hat hacker also sent a message to PentaLaunch and Dora Factory community telegram channels. Later, the PentaLaunch team confirmed receival of the funds. Because of the refund, our investigation into the second curve has paused.

The First Forged Bonding Curve

The first forged $WAR bonding curve lasted 24 hours. Most of the users who bought on the first bonding curve sold their tokens on the curve later and took back their USDC…

by PentaLaunch Team

As the team investigated further into the bonding curve smart contract created by a scammer, we found following facts.

1) The curve is live for 24 hours, and it’s only expiring at 12:00pm UTC+0 on April 30 2021.
2) Most of users who bought on the curve have already sold on the curve before the curve was removed from the frontend.
3) There is still about $18,000 worth of USDC in the smart contract at the time of writing this announcement.

Therefore, we take the following measures to recover users’ funds from the scammer’s curve.

A. We…

by PentaLaunch Team

Today, WeStarter successfully launched on PentaLaunch. The curve auction completed within 7 minutes, the curve address can be found here:

During the sale, some fake curves were created by scammers. PentaLaunch team responded timely in the PentaLaunch Teglegram group (, and posted an announcement on Dora Factory Twitter ( However, we recognize that some users bought on the fake curve before the announcement.

PentaLaunch was created as a decentralized curve auction protocol. Therefore anyone can create a curve auction of any token. …

Felix, Dora Factory

The Goal

DoraID’s goal is to provide a general decentralized autonomous DID framework. The framework should support decentralized applications that have anti-sybil attack demands and identity verification requirements.

Existing on-chain KYC systems and DID solutions rely on centralized services to verify and record off-chain identity information. These services have three problems:

(1) They are not user friendly, the cost to use these services is high (users often need to register in separate apps).

(2) Centralized services are prone to risks of being compromised.

(3) Because of centralized information collection, these services are lack of universality, and they are not…

1. Basic Auction Information

Auction Token:$WAR

Auction Quantity: 120,000 $WAR

Start Price: 0.25 U

Curve Highest Price: 0.25 U

Opening Time:04/29/2021 20:00 SGT

Time to claim:04/30/2021 21:00 SGT

Auction Platform:PentaLaunch

Maximum Purchase Limit: 400 $WAR each address

Auction Payment: USDC

Auction Curve: Y=0.25 U

Since its founding from Tsinghua University Owl Lab in 2014, DoraHacks has grown from a small yet beautiful hackathon community and organization that explores cutting-edge technologies to one of the largest and most active open source dev communities, hackathon organizers and blockchain technology communities in China, Asia, and the world. Over 50,000 developers have participated in DoraHacks hackathons, and DoraHacks’ global hacker events have covered millions of developers.

  • Between 2015–2017, DoraHacks held over 200 online and offline hackathons, covered many cutting-edge technology areas in the early days and organized the first hackathons at many globally renowned universities.
  • In 2018, DoraHacks…

In this article I discuss an alternative funding and price discovery mechanism for open source projects with NFTs and a simplified Harberger Tax.

As open source developer groups are becoming venture units, incentivizing open source projects are important tasks. Hackathon and bounty have always been direct methods to do it — developers can build something to win prize at a hackathon, or solve some problem and get rewards from a bounty.

There have been new mechanisms to fund developers. For example, quadratic funding grants have been developed by GitCoin, and DoraHacks’ developer platform HackerLink. Most of the major blockchain…

$100,000 liquidity has been added to a USDC:DORA pool at PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain. The initial liquidity injected is 50,000 USDC and 1400 DORA, initial swap ratio is 1 USDC : 0.0279154 DORA.

To access the pool, please first use ChainSwap to bridge DORA on ETH to DORA on Binance Smart Chain. ChainSwap bridge can be accessed here:

The BSC-DORA smart contract address can be found here:

When you have DORA on BSC, you can swap or add / remove liquidity at PancakeSwap.


Dora Factory’s bonding curve auction platform PentaLaunch is releasing V2 roadmap. The new version will be launched in Q2 2021, some important new features will be added.

1. Add whitelisting features with DORA staking options
2. Add bonding curve based token OTC swap ( Pre & Postsecondary market OTC trading)
3. Deploy on multiple EVM-compatible public chains, including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, HECO
4. Support new types of bonding curves for users to choose

After PentaLaunch V2 is released, PentaLaunch V1 will continue to function as a simple tool of bonding curve auction. Both V1 and V2 will be decentralized. However, in PentaLaunch V2, a verified tag will be added to projects that actually verify their identity with PentaLaunch team using the pre-defined protocol.

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